A Reflection Series of Summer Internships, Part 3

Photo of Blake Hausman ’19

Article by Mandy Plybon, Assistant Director/Internship Coordinator, Center for Career Development 

Mandy Plybon, Assistant Director of the Center for Career Development and Internship Coordinator, has spent part of her summer visiting with Westminster students who are working through summer internships.  The first article in her three-part series gave insight into those interning in Jefferson City, Missouri. For Part 2, Mandy visited three student interns in St. Louis, Missouri. Here is a summary of their experiences.  Now, in the third and final article, Mandy talks to two student interns from Boonville and Columbia, Missouri.

Andrew Broyhill ‘19, a Security Studies and Criminal Justice major, has an internship with Wooldridge and Wooldridge Law Firm in Boonville, Missouri. Throughout his internship, Andrew has learned the day-to-day work that happens in a law firm, developed organizational skills, and explored various career options within the profession. Three key skills he feels are necessary for his intern position are attention to detail, having some background knowledge of the law profession, and the ability to appreciate the unglamorous side of law. His time at Westminster, particularly Professor Tobias Gibson’s classes, have helped Andrew develop personal accountability. This accountability has motivated him to perform well at the firm.

“This past summer, I was given the opportunity to intern with Boonville’s City Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. Brad Wooldridge. Over the course of three months, I became familiarized with the entire operation of our legal system. I processed tickets, learned standard recommendations for city ordinance violations, shadowed Mr. Wooldridge during court proceedings, and so much more. This experience has not only positively impacted my educational experience, but also my character as a whole. I would recommend anyone with an interest in law or legal work to take on an internship similar to mine!” – Andrew Broyhill, class of 2019

Blake Hausman ‘19, an Environmental Studies major, is interning with the City of Columbia GIS Department in Columbia, Missouri. His main project is updating older map imagery with new digital data such as new sidewalks, crosswalks, and intersections. Blake notes for future interns it is important for the student to have some knowledge of the GIS software, be a team player, and be able to solve problems and/or be comfortable asking questions and communicating. The liberal arts education he is receiving from Westminster has helped him be a more well-rounded person; not only teaching him field-specific skills, but also developing his communication and writing skills. A highlight of Blake’s internship has been the opportunity to see the GIS department’s problem-solving abilities from start to finish. 

“For two summers, the GIS team at the City of Columbia provided me a productive atmosphere where as a young student I could continue to learn while working a summer job.” – Blake Hausman, class of 2019

The site supervisors Mandy spoke with felt Andrew and Blake performed their tasks well and stated their interest in building intern partnerships with Westminster. For both, communication skills, how a student presented themselves in an interview, and academic coursework ranked high on their list of potential intern qualities.

Westminster’s Center for Career Development is committed to engaging, preparing, and empowering students to succeed in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing global community. Staff are available to help students discover a career path, develop resume writing skills, interview skills, and more.

To learn more about internships, contact Mandy Plybon at mandy.plybon@westminster-mo.edu or 573-592-5382.


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