Twas the Night before Winter Break…

Reeves Holiday Wreath‘Twas the night before Winter Break; a visit from Winston

Twas the night before Winter Break
and the quad seemed deserted.
The Blue Jay Nation was exhausted
from their efforts exerted.

Throughout the semester
the campus was busy,
So many projects
it could make a bird dizzy.

In the twilight quiet,
let us pause to recall
The way staff, students, and faculty
had helped one and all.

They know the spirit of giving
isn’t just for December.
For throughout the year
they would remember:

The children of BackPack
and Projects for Peace,
Community Garden,
And Into the Streets.

Not just an idea,
Service Learning brings unity.
It transforms the campus
into a Global Community.

From the Columns to Latshaw Plaza
Winston proclaimed from his sleigh,
“It’s a great Holiday
to be a Blue Jay.”

Original poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas; a visit from St. Nicholas :
Moore, Clement Clarke, 1779-1863 :
Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Web. 7 Dec. 2011.

2011 Rendition and photographs by Kat Barden; updated 2014Winston Blue Jay

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