Fall Final Feast – WSM Transfer Seminar

What if “Read All About It” seminar doesn’t come with papers and posters?
What if it’s not in the grading, the remarkers and boasters?
The orientated transfer student, some just might say,
Comes from asking the question, what will I read today?

On the last day they gathered and chatted about things yet to come.
They visited and pondered the things they had done.
Finally, together, they read aloud and then came the feast…
Saying “goodbye” is what they liked the least.

But when that time came
It was on to Mid-terms, declaring majors and more courses
On to football, soccer games, softball, with great forces.
There was no

WSM 102 Barden's Dr. Seuss themed final class

WSM 102 Barden’s Dr. Seuss themed final class

turning back now! For they can all say,
“It’s a great day to be a (transfer seminar) Blue Jay!”

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