Westminster Journal Recognized in Digital Diplomacy’s Roundup of Foreign Policy Posts

The Westminster Journal for Global Progress, a student-run publication at Westminster College, was recently recognized in Digital Diplomacy on Medium’s April 2017 roundup of posts on foreign policy and diplomacy. Digital Diplomacy, a Medium publication with a significant online and global reach, recognized The Westminster Journal for the article “What’s Next for Cuba after Castro?,” written by Scovia Aweko ’17 and published March 31.

“Since the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, there has been much speculation over how the issue of human rights in Cuba will change,” Aweko wrote. “Castro left behind a legacy of human rights abuses, ranging from limits on freedom of expression to the use of firing squads to silence opponents.”

The Westminster Journal debuted on Medium in January 2017. The Journal, which publishes research papers and essays from all disciplines and interdisciplinary perspectives, is an initiative of Westminster’s Global Development & Progress club and housed under the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement.

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