Graduates: What will you miss most about Westminster?

We asked the Class of 2014 what they’ll miss most about Westminster after they graduate. Here’s what they had to say:

“What will I miss most?” What won’t I miss? I will miss being surrounded by people who push me to be my best self.”
-Kristen Fisher

“What I’m going to miss the most about Westminster is having a home away from home.”
-Hannah Cooper

“What I’m going to miss most about Westminster is the sense of community and family I feel when I’m on campus.”
-Greer Horning

“The friendships I’ve made and the faculty who have encouraged me to be my best.”
-Alyssa Baker

“I will miss being with my best friends 24/7, the close-knit community, having everything within walking distance, being able to see familiar faces everywhere I go and all the free food (haha).”
-Grace Clifton

“I will miss having everything I need within walking distance (friends, classes, entertainment).”
-Becca Blood

“I will miss seeing so many people I know when I walk to class and always having someone to talk to.”
-Elisa Casto

“I will miss all the kittens outside of the apartments.”
-Claire West

“I will miss my basketball family.”
-Leigh Ann Lutz

“What I will miss the most about Westminster is the Spiritual Life Department.”
-Melissa Hirner

“My Fraternity.”
-Austin Fiegel

“The thing I’ll miss the most after I graduate is singing in choir, the fun CAB events, and my boyfriend.”
-Erin Wang

“I will miss the stimulating discussion and courses available at Westminster. I will miss the dedicated and passionate professors, particularly Dr Brown and Dr Boulton. I will miss the inspiring speakers and events collaborating accomplished speakers like the Symposium on Democracy. I will miss the initmate small classrooms.”
-Audre Cantrell

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