Westminster Students to Launch Preschool in Uganda

Nicolas Lopez, Joseph Opoku, Jephte Ngendo, and Madi Loescher. Photo Courtesy of The Fulton Sun.

Westminster College student Jephte Ngendo ’20 is heading back to Uganda to start his second preschool.

Yes, his second preschool. He founded the first one shortly after graduating high school, to help fill education gaps experienced by refugee children. He had experienced the difficulty of lapses in education firsthand as a young child, when his family fled to Uganda to escape conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Jephte will travel with his classmates Joseph Opoku ’18, Madi Loescher ’20 and Nicolas Lopez back to Uganda to establish a preschool in a small village in the Kiboga district. The group secured funding for the project through the Projects for Peace grant program, which has allowed Westminster students to lead service projects and strengthen communities around the globe.

Click here to learn more about Jephte’s story and his Projects for Peace group’s plan for the preschool in The Fulton Sun.

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