Westminster Today Looks at Westminster Yesteryear: Residence Hall Life

As students settle into residence hall life, here is a look back at some student “do’s” and “don’ts” of yesteryear. The following excerpt is from the 1913 Westminster Students’ Handbook and Memorandum:

Dormitory Don’ts 

“Don’t do a trapeze performance on the shower-bath frame in your bathroom. Don’t insist in showing your musical abilities in the small hours of the night. Don’t kick on the meals you get. Don’t forget you have a room of your own. Stay there.”

Dormitory Do’s

“Don’t forget to write home. Learn all four verses of the Alma Mater; you will need them. Perhaps you will be invited once or more to a fraternity house. Don’t become too crazy to join. Older men than you have waited and not regretted it. College life is not all ‘pickin’s.’ Go slow.”

Ironic how many of these “do’s” and “don’ts” still apply.

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