Westminster College Board of Trustee Chair Increases Total Giving to $750,000

Wallace L. Head, a 1972 graduate of Westminster College and currently the Chair of the Westminster College Board of Trustees, has made additional financial commitments to the College that will increase his total giving to the College to at least $750,000.  Chairman Head’s additional commitments will provide operating support for the College and enable more students to attend the College, as well as help sustain strong board governance.  Head, who has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1997, has provided funding in the past for various College operating initiatives and for student scholarships.

“I received a great education at Westminster and I want to help it continue to provide an exceptional educational experience to a very talented and diverse student body,” says Chairman Head.  “Most of Westminster’s students pay far less than what it costs the College to deliver that educational experience so some of my gifts are intended to help Westminster fund the difference between its costs and the revenue it receives from its students.  Other gifts are intended to help sustain strong governance practices at Westminster, which are essential to its long-term success.”

Head’s financial commitment to Westminster includes a total of at least $500,000 in lifetime giving and another $250,000 in planned gifts that will establish a Governance Fund for supporting and maintain strong governance practices at Westminster College.  Head also annually funds a class trip for students who attend his high school alma mater in Palmyra, MO so they can receive a guided tour of the National Churchill Museum at Westminster and visit the College’s Historic Gym where Winston Churchill delivered his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech in 1946.

“Wally Head’s dedication to serving Westminster College has been and continues to be remarkable,” says Westminster President Dr. George B. Forsythe.  “We greatly appreciate his generous commitment to ensuring a quality education for Westminster graduates in the future.”

Wallace L. Head is pictured above with Will Megl, student body president.

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  1. Selcen Phelps says:

    Thank you, Wally! May you inspire other great alumni to support the College with their services and financial contributions at a time when the highest-quality higher education institutions seem to be the most threatened.

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