Students Meet the Donors Who Funded Their Scholarships

Above: Alyssa Johnson, ’17, recipient of the Panettiere Family Foundation Scholarship, meets John Panettierre.

Every scholarship recipient appreciates the donor that helped make their experience possible – but not every recipient gets to meet the donors who funded their scholarship. Several students had the unique opportunity to meet and chat with their scholarship donors during Alumni Weekend last month. We asked them to tell us about the experience.

“I am very thankful for the Shields family generous scholarship. Their scholarship means so much to me and my family. It motivates me to do my best because I know that his money is going to good use to help fund my education to this highly competitive college.”
Alyssa Busken, ’16
Shields Scholarship

“When I met John he was very welcoming and really excited to meet me. Every time I talk to him he always makes sure to ask how my year is going and compliments me on my achievements. It’s really nice to know that he really cares about his students and wants to help in any way that he can.¬† Recieving the Panetierre Family Foundation Scholarship was the main reason I was able to attend Westminster. Had it not been for this generous gift, I would have had to choose a different academic path, even though Westminster was my number one choice. I have learned so much in my first year and had so many wonderful experiences, and I could never thank John and Chris Panetierre enough for giving me the chance to make the most of this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what challenges the next three years have in store for me!”
Alyssa Johnson, ’17
Panettiere Family Foundation Scholarship

“It was amazing to meet with Mr. Panettiere over alumni weekend. I’ve met with him many times before but this would have been the last meeting we would’ve had before I graduate in May. It was a wonderful meeting we talked about everything from old stories to graduation plans. I have enjoyed talking with him every time we’ve met. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Panettiere and his son Chris before and I’ve never had anything other than a pleasant time with any member of the Panettiere family.

Without Mr. Panettiere’s scholarship I would not have been able to attend Westminster.¬† My experience here, at Westminster, has been amazing in every way. All of this would never have been possible if it wasn’t for the tremendous generosity of Mr. Panettiere, for which I am eternally grateful.”
RJ Moore, ’14
Panettiere Family Foundation Scholarship

John Panettiere, center, talks with R.J. Moore and Alyssa Johnson, recipients of the Panettiere Family Foundation Scholarship.

John Panettiere, center, talks with R.J. Moore and Alyssa Johnson, recipients of the Panettiere Family Foundation Scholarship.

“Receiving this scholarship is important to me because of the increasing costs in higher education. I will be able to continue going to Westminster next year. The Epperson scholarship has impacted my Westminster experience by not only keeping me in college, but also giving me motivation to give back to the Westminster Community.”
Will Megl, ’15
Epperson Scholarship

Will Megl, third from left, is pictured with his scholarship donors.

Will Megl, ’15 and Liridona Osmanaj, ’14 pose with their scholarship donors. From left: Vince Allen, Jon Keck, Will Megl, Tom Gilbert, Bob Rizer, Liridona Osmanaj, and Dick Overton.

“I was honored to receive the Jack Marshall scholarship. I think being chosen for the Jack Marshall scholarship speaks volumes. He is/was known as Mr. Westminster and for he and his family to chose and support me, to believe in me, makes me proud to be a Blue Jay. With the tough economic times, every little bit of financial support helps and I cannot thank Jack, Dick and David and their families enough for their generosity. They have helped make my Westminster experience one-of-a-kind.”
Tyler Cook, ’14
Jack Marshall Scholarship

“Upon meeting John, I was in awe. I was actually really late to the meeting, and had about 8-10 minutes left in the “slotted” time, but we talked for what seemed forever. I really got the sense that he cared about me. He wanted to know about me, and when I told him my global ambitions, specifically in China, he told me about all the amazing experiences he’s had in his profession abroad. He had dealt a lot with China in his career, and told me some great stories. I felt like we really connected. He really wants to see me do well, asked me if he could help me find internships, wants to stay connected, had a bunch of potential contacts for me and was just really a remarkable guy. I can’t wait for my next interaction with him. Having the Panettiere scholarship, has meant a lot. It’s obviously helped me out financially, but takes a lot of worry off of me about loans and securing my spot here at Westminster. Having the scholarship was great, but it means so much more to me knowing that I’m getting it because someone really truly cares about me and my success. Meeting John Panettiere and receiving his scholarship really changed my perception of the power one man can have, and his ability to use it to help others in a really meaningful way. It’s not just money, its inspiration and opportunity.”
David McDermott, ’15
Panettiere Family Foundation Scholarship 

David McDermott poses with John Panettiere after their meeting.

David McDermott poses with John Panettiere after their meeting.

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