What New Students Can Expect From Westminster

Mik Ebert, Westminster Class of 2016, (above, right) shares his view of what it’s like to join Westminster College as a freshman. From St. Louis, MO (Lindbergh HS), Mik is a political science/pre-law major and a member of the Blue Jays basketball team.

How would you describe the easy transition to Westminster made possible by Welcome Week?
It made the transition very easy because it let us know what was expected of us. It taught us proper conduct and also explained to us the extra freedoms we had, and how to use those responsibly. College can be crazy because it is the first true freedom we have and that can be a lot to handle. Welcome week definitely helped me understand that and handle it.

As a freshman, what was your first impression of Westminster’s campus atmosphere?
Everyone was so excited to see us and have us, any questions we had were easily answered, and we were walked through all of the stuff that could give us trouble. The upperclassmen were great especially. I had seniors helping me with questions to classes, and one senior even offered to revise my paper in an intro class that he was majoring in. Everyone is willing to help out.


What would you say about the many opportunities to get involved at Westminster, even as a freshman?
All over the place there are so many organizations that recruit. There is Greek life, then sports, then any political activism or volunteer work. It is all made easily available. I have made my best friends through my activities, especially Greek life – lifelong friends who support me and push me to do better. There is always something to do and someone to do it with.

How were you made to feel comfortable stepping out and participating your freshman year? 
Through our mentors. They encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and try new things. It was amazing.


In your first year at Westminster, what was your impression of the quality of the academics?
Unbelievable. The level of the things I learned and the quality of the staff was so much more than expected. It really pushed me to learn as much as I could and take advantage of my education.

What aspects of your academic experience did you appreciate most that first year?
Dr. Geenen’s intro to philosophy class. I never had philosophy before and his class made me question everything that I believed in and what my parents had told me was right and wrong. It really made me believe in my upbringing more and become my own person.

What are classes like at Westminster?
The small classes create better relations with teachers and peers and also creates better discussions which, in my opinion, are a much better way to learn than just sitting in a lecture. The things I learn from listening to other students who come from different backgrounds and have different viewpoints really open my eyes to how the world really is.

How would you describe the relationships students have with Westminster professors?
Very good. I found out a professor, through just talking with them, grew up three blocks away from where I grew up. It made me feel much more at home and comfortable. Professors are approachable. They care about you and will do everything they can to help you succeed. I have gone in for help in some classes and that saved my grade, helped me learn more, and gave me a better appreciation for the things they were teaching that I was not as particularly interested in.




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