Westminster-Mesa’s Harmony Nelson, ’15

Westminster College expanded to open a new campus in Mesa, AZ, a rapidly growing and dynamic suburb of Phoenix, in Fall 2013. The following is one of four Q&A’s with Mesa students to find out their take on the Westminster experience in Mesa after their first semester.

Harmony Nelson is a junior international business major from Mesa.Mesa--Harmony-Nelson

Q: What drew you to Westminster?  

Harmony: Westminster’s liberal arts education, small class sizes, and scholarship opportunities were all appealing to me. After last semester, I am feeling very confident I made the right decision.

Q: How do you think your experience at Westminster compares to other colleges and universities? 

Harmony: I feel closer to my peers and more supported by faculty than what I’ve heard expressed from my peers who attended other colleges and universities. Many of my friends felt like college was something they needed to “get through” for a degree, I feel like I’m enjoying my education.

I attended some community colleges with similar class sizes before becoming a Westminster Blue Jay. I have been fortunate to have a few very dedicated teachers and advisors guide me in those experiences. At Westminster, I feel like every teacher is committed and cares about my growth and success in education.

Q: What was your most memorable experience in the first semester? 

Harmony: I had many amazing experiences last semester. One night some students had arranged a discussion about racism based on an article titled, “Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream 50 Years Later.” It was an impactful experience for me to hear some of my classmates talk about racism they’ve experienced. The whole night was powerful.

Q: Which faculty member has most influenced you? 

Harmony: Dr. Phelps has been a tremendous influence for me. She helped me work through a big project for our business management class by discussing my thoughts and organizing them with me. Her classes are challenging and exciting. It is obvious to me that she is very committed to her work and helping me succeed. She also helped organize my internship next semester. I’m really fortunate to have a great teacher and mentor like her at Westminster.

Q: What are you experiencing at Westminster that you believe will give you an edge in the job market upon graduation? 

Harmony: Last semester for my Fundamentals of Management class I interviewed many managers in my local community about their positions and what tools they use as effective managers. I learned valuable interview and networking skills in addition to tips and experiences successful managers had for me.

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