5 Benefits of Choosing a Small College

Small, independent college or a big university — Which is right for you? Consider these 5 benefits of a small college before making your decision.

  1. Classes are taught by real professors and experts in their fields. At a small, private college, professors who really care about your education lead classes, bringing both passion and knowledge.
  2. Faculty talks to you outside of class. It’s common to find faculty and students carrying on discussions around campus and engaging outside of class time.
  3. You have more opportunity to participate in faculty-directed research projects or independent study. Have a project you want to explore? Go for it at a small college. 53% of independent college alumni report taking that opportunity, as compared to 37% of public university alumni.
  4. More chance for internships. 47% from small, independent colleges report internship participation compared to 36% at public universities.
  5. More alums, from independent colleges and from public universities, rate the small, independent college education as better than that of a public university.

Want to learn more about how a small college like Westminster compares? Click here.

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Westminster College

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