Worried about grades? So was Grace.

Watch this video to hear some of Grace’s reflections on the time she spent at Westminster College.

Worried about making good grades in college? Grace Clifton didn’t think she was dean’s list material – until Westminster gave her the tools and environment to make it happen. Now she’s got a good job, post-graduation. Here, you can achieve — you’ll find the support to make it happen. Now, Grace ’14 is employed with the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City.

Reflecting on her experience at Westminster, Grace knows the school was pivotal to her success as a student. We asked her some questions to learn more.

What were your experiences in Westminster classrooms like?

Rarely does a Westminster class only involve lecture and taking notes. Professors share real-life experiences and make classes interactive, whether that’s through group projects or going out in to the community. Classes here are always hands-on.

What can you say about the opportunities for leadership on Westminster’s campus?

When I was in high school I never thought of myself as a leader. However, I believe Westminster has the unique ability to make all students leaders in their own way. I was fortunate to hold leadership roles in Kappa Kappa Gamma, Student Foundation, Student Government Association and the Westminster Seminar Program. I think all of these opportunities made me more confident and gave me organizational skills, which will further benefit me in my career.

What internship or student research experience have you had?

I worked in the Westminster Marketing Office. I really enjoyed this experience because I think that it has prepared me for my post-Westminster life. Working as a marketing intern allowed me to focus on specific skills that I wanted to improve and has taught me a lot about writing for the web as well as how to produce content that people will want to read.

How did you prepare for your job search while at Westminster?

The Center for Career Development helped me numerous times with my resume and various cover letters. Through the Center for Career Development I set up an account with Columns Career links, which is a place for Westminster students to look for jobs. The staff in Career Development has provided personalize advice and support as I looked for internships and now during my job search.

How does Westminster prepare students for success in their first job after college?

Westminster students know how to handle themselves in any situation. I believe that my ability to problem solve will be one of the most important skills for the working world. Westminster prepares its students in and outside of the classroom to take on any challenging situation.GraceClifton--BlueBlazers-NYC

What real-world experiences – internships, research opportunities, professional projects, other – have you had at Westminster?

I had the opportunity to go to New York with Blue Blazers Investment Committee. It was a very hands-on educational experience. Going to New York showed me the power of Westminster’s connections. Thanks to several Westminster alums’ connections, our group was able to visit places such as NASDAQ, Bloomberg, The New York Athletic Club, and we were able to take tour of the trading floor at NYSE.

Read more about Grace and her time at Westminster, including her work with the Learning Opportunities Center, in the fall 2014 issue of Leadership Magazine (see Page 25).

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