Why attend the 2014 Hancock Symposium?

Article and video by Steven Sakayroun ’16, member of the 2014 Hancock Symposium committee.

How the 2014 Hancock Symposium Was Born

Being part of the Hancock Symposium committee meant brainstorming ideas with individuals from different backgrounds (faculty, students and staff). It also meant exploring different perspectives about one topic: art and revolution. I, along with three other students, had the privilege to not only provide ideas for possible speakers to bring to campus but also to express our respective points of view on how one choice of speaker over another might best resonate with students’ interests on campus. Being part of the Symposium Committee came with great learning as well. It was very interesting to witness how art transcends disciplines and uncover how art and artists can be used as canals for powerful and lasting positive change.


The Value of Westminster’s Symposium

From a student’s perspective, I think that Hancock Symposiums at Westminster College are amongst the best learning opportunities for a student at Westminster College. Not so often do we get prominent leaders from such different backgrounds on campus for the sole purpose of inspiring and educating younger generations.  I am most looking forward to witnessing the polymorphic nature of leadership through these leaders’ experiences and learn more about the leadership style that fits me best. I am also looking forward to understanding what challenges each of these leaders faced and how they overcame those challenges. This will provide valuable insights to me as I step on my own leadership journey beyond Westminster College.

Taking the Symposium Beyond Graduation

As a student who is constantly seeking to better not only myself but also the world around me, I trust that attending educational sessions with these accomplished individuals will provide me with great examples of who I might want to resemble in the future in terms of positive impact. It is a great opportunity for new students and upperclassmen to discover where their leadership abilities lies and to identify what kind of leader they want to be or want to not be.

I think that the Hancock Symposium at Westminster College is a time for genuine learning, self-discovery and collaborative fun.

Westminster’s 2014 Hancock Symposium begins with a special Tattoosday event on Tuesday, September 9 and concludes with a Green Foundation Lecture on Wednesday, September 17. A full schedule of events can be found on our webpage.

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