WestMO Student View of Dr. Tobias Gibson

Above, Chris Givans ’13, Dr. Tobias Gibson, Senator Jolie Justus, and Kari Lenz ’14 at Westminster College.

Dr. Tobias Gibson on your upcoming class schedule? Wondering what to expect?

Kari Lenz, a recent 2014 Westminster graduate from Paullina, Iowa, who majored in secondary social sciences, history, and political science, shares her view of Gibson, one of Westminster’s most challenging and favorite professors.

“I remember my first day in my very first class with Tobias, and honestly, I was afraid of the 6+ foot man at the front of the room. He asked us to go around the room and do the typical first day introductions, but he also had us share our favorite movie. I’m not the best at coming up with these types of answers so I say Titanic. Of course he gave me the typical ‘really?’ disbelief look he tends to give me and that was the first step in our student-professor relationship.

Throughout that intro course and every course afterward, Tobias challenged me and my classmates in ways that most professors don’t. His no-nonsense attitude as well as his faith and trust in his students make him one of the best professors Westminster has to offer.

As a person, I’ve seen Tobias show lots of compassion and interest in his students. He has gotten to know many of us as people not simply as students. Almost every extensive break from college, I expect to either email Tobias a question or have him send me some idea or resource for a future job, internship, or something of interest.

Regardless of the personal background, performance in the classroom, or future career goals, I know Tobias believes in any student that seeks advice from him and will help the student to the best of his abilities. Very few individuals (staff, faculty, etc.) have shown so much interest in the lives of the students here at Westminster.

Professionally Tobias is a very smart man and works hard for the betterment of himself, his students, and the college at-large.”


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