Alumna Valentina Bumbu Praised for Academic Success

In 2005, Valentina Bumbu graduated from Westminster with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry; today she has completed all of the requirements for a doctorate in chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis. Westminster professor Dr. Glen Frerichs wrote a letter to Washington University almost a decade ago, recommending Valentina be admitted to the program. Dr. Frerichs recently received the following letter from the graduate coordinator at Washington University’s Department of Chemistry, evidence of both Valentina’s skill as an academic and where a Westminster education can take you.

Dear Dr. Frerichs:

In December 2006, you wrote to us in support of Mrs. Valentina Bumbu’s application for admission to the graduate program of this Department.  We were pleased that Valentina decided to come here then, and I am now even more pleased to be able to inform you that Valentina has been extremely successful in her graduate studies, and has completed all requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Chemistry. Dr. Vladimir Birman served as Valentina’s research advisor.  The title of Valentina’s Ph.D. dissertation is: Kinetic Resolution of N-Acyl-b-Lactams, b-Lactams, and N-Acyl-Thiolactams.

I can tell you that Valentina came to us well-prepared for graduate study, and it was a pleasure to guide her development through to attainment of the Ph.D. degree.  Having graduate students of Valentina’s quality and seriousness makes it more than worthwhile for all of us.  We will be grateful to you for continuing to think of this Department as you advise senior undergraduate students about graduate school opportunities.  I believe we have been quite successful in maintaining an atmosphere at Washington University that is at once stimulating and encouraging for our graduate students, and it will be a pleasure to see more students of Valentina’s caliber and promise among them.



Barbara H. Tessmer

Graduate Coordinator

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