New Sports and Entertainment Business Management Degree

Students who want to work for a Major League Baseball team or plan a concert tour for an international music superstar now have a new area of study available to them at Westminster College. Starting this fall, students can pursue a degree in sports and entertainment business management administered by one of the region’s top sports and entertainment industry leaders.

“I am excited that Jack Croghan, one of the giants in sports and entertainment, has agreed to direct this new undergraduate degree on our campus. The program will give our students fascinating career opportunities,” says Westminster President Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande. “In a field where an entrepreneurial spirit, strong organizational skills and solid personal relationships are important, Jack will give our students the advantage of his knowledge and connections.”

Students enrolled in the new program will study marketing, sales, financials, venues, operations, logistics, laws and management unique to sports and entertainment.

“Sports and entertainment business management is a new and highly competitive area of study featuring a strong business foundation embedded in a broad liberal arts curriculum,” says Rabindra Bhandari, John E. Simon Associate Professor of Economics and Head of the Accounting, Business, Economics and Finance Department at Westminster, whose department will grant the degree.

Students will learn to manage sports and entertainment organizations with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and leadership.  The program will recognize the connection of sports and entertainment to tourism and community and economic development.  Students will be prepared for careers in industries like the sports commission, tourism and convention and visitors bureau.

“Sports and entertainment business management will teach our students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and expert communicators, and provide the foundation for leading the next generation of sports and entertainment creative ventures,” says President Akande.

To learn more, call Westminster College Admissions at 800-475-3361 or visit the program web page at



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