Pick Up 3 Credits Online During Winter Break – Great Value

Want to get ahead this winter by taking an online class during winter break?  Westminster winter term courses (3 credit hours each) are a great opportunity to earn credit in major and general education courses with a discounted hourly tuition rate. Winter term course costs are only $275.00 per hour for the 2016-17 academic year!

Registration is accepted on a first come, first serve basis, so enter your classes immediately. Find out more details and register now.

Classes are open to Westminster students, alumni, and students from other colleges and universities.

Courses being offered this winter term are as follows:

ONLINE 3-WEEK WINTER TERM (December 21, 2016 – January 12, 2017)

Winter Term 2016
Course Code Course Title Professor
BUS  330  O Advertising Carner
CHM  105  O Introduction to Chemistry Halsey
EDU  221  O Educational Psychology Hartin
EDU  230  O Child & Adolescent Growth & Develop Serota
EDU  231  O Edu Exceptional Individ Bumgarner
EDU  385  O Diversity in Education Serota
ENG  204  O Intro to Literature Mulvania
FIN  318  O Corporate Financial Management O’Brien
GOG  101  O Introduction to Geography Concannon
HES  231  O Sports Psychology Stevens
HES  240  O Introduction Global Public Health Stevens
HIS  103  O History of US to 1877 Boulton
HIS  104  O History of US since 1877 Boulton
HIS  110  O World History II Brown
HUM  277  O Spanish Civilization Morales
MUS  205  O Music in Western World Sexton
NSC  305  O Survey History Science Concannon
PHL  101  O Introduction to Philosophy Finch
POL  200  O Introduction to Law School Riggs
POL  345  O Politics and Film Gibson
PSY  221  O Educational Psych Hartin
PSY  231  O Sports Psychology Stevens
SPE  203  O Interpersonal Comm Hardeman
TNS  240  O Intro to Global Public Health Stevens
WGS  203  O Interpersonal Communication Hardeman

The registration period for Online Winter Term 2016 is currently open on MyWC and will remain open until Monday, December 19 at 4:00 p.m.  Please change the term code to 2016-2017 Winter Term when searching for winter classes.  Westminster students should notify their advisor before enrolling in winter term classes on MyWC.  Approval of the academic advisor in MyWC will be required for registration to be complete.

Students with an account balance who are not current with an approved payment plan with the Business Office, WILL NOT be permitted to register for winter term. Please contact the Business Office immediately if you are currently on a financial registration hold.

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