Pick Up 3 Credits Online This Summer: 3- and 6-Week Sessions Open to Public

Pick up 3 credits online this summer!

3-week online session (May 15-June 2)
6-week online session (June 5-July 14)

View available courses below.

Register now for summer online classes open to Westminster students and the general public. Earn credit in major and general education courses with a discounted hourly tuition rate. Note: Federal loans may be available for students who enroll in summer session. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information.

How to register:

Westminster students: Please go to the MYWC Course Search and change the term code to 2016-17 Summer Online 3-week term for the 3-Week Summer Online term and 2016-2017 Summer Online-6 week term for the 6-Week Summer Online term in order to register.

General public: Click here.

Three-Week Online Summer 2017 Courses (May 15-June 2)

Course Code Course Title Professor Hours
BUS 220  O Fundamentals of Management Eames 3
BUS  353  O Non-Profit Organizations Eames 3
CHM  105  O Intro to Chemistry Halsey 3
ECN  212  O Principles of Microeconomics Bhandari 3
EDU/PSY 221  O Educational Psychology Hartin 3
HES/PSY 231  O Sports Psychology Gowin 3
HES/TNS 240  O Global Health Gowin 3
HIS  103  O History US to 1877 Boulton 3
HIS  104  O History US since 1877 Boulton 3
HIS 110  O World History II Brown, C 3
HUM 277  O Spanish Civilization Morales 3
MUS 205  O Music in the Western World Sexton 3
NSC  305  O Survey of History of Science Brown, E 3
PHL101  O Intro to Philosophy Finch 3
POL300/SEC 332  O National Security Law Gibson 3
SPE/WGS  203 O Interpersonal Relations Hardeman 3


For full information, including tier requirement info, click here.

Six-Week Online Summer 2017 Courses (June 5-July 14)

Course Code Course Title Professor Hours
BUS  250  O Principles of Marketing Carner 3
BUS  330  O Advertising Carner 3
CRJ  101  O Intro to Criminal Justice Wilson 3
ECN 110  O Intro to Economics Tompson-Wolfe 3
EDU  230  O Child Growth & Develop Serota 3
EDU  231  O Education of Exceptional Indiv Bumgarner 3
EDU 350  O Digital Literacy Bumgarner 3
EDU 385  O Diversity in Education Serota 3
ENG  239  O American Lit since Civil War Krieg 3
ENG  270  O Expository Writing O’Brien 3
ENG 275  O Intro to Creative Writing O’Brien 3
GOG 101  O Intro to Geography Brown, E 3
HES  251  O Introduction to Nutrition Gowin 3
NSC  305  O Survey of History of Science Brown, E 3
SOC 111  O Intro to Sociology Fein 3


For full information, including tier requirement info, click here.

Online classes will provide the opportunity for students to complete course work from home or on campus. Students enrolling in online classes will work closely with their faculty instructor via the computer to complete their assignments online.  Students who enroll for online classes should carefully review information for online classes before enrolling.  Online classes will also receive letter grades that will be calculated in the Westminster GPA unless noted otherwise. Please see myWC for specific course info, drop/withdrawal information, and more.

Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and classes which do not have a sufficient number of students enrolled may be canceled (by 5/1 for 3-week session and by 5/22 for 6-week session). Students will be notified of canceled classes and will be given the opportunity to register for another class.

Tuition charges for the Online Summer Session 2017 are $275.00 per hour for students who submit their registration before 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 28 for 3-week session and by Friday, May 19 for 6-week session, and $375.00 per credit hour for students who register after April 28 and May 19, respectively.  You must register by Friday, April 28 or May 19 to take advantage of the early registration deadlines for each session.

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