Westminster’s Master of Physics: Dr. Laura Stumpe

Dr. Laura Stumpe completed her Ph.D. at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2003 and taught at Holy Cross College and Columbia College before coming to Westminster in 2010. She is in charge of the Physics program, which includes overseeing the major and minor, hiring and supervising adjuncts, keeping the equipment up-to-date, advising students, writing annual assessment reports and the major program reviews, and teaching a wide array of physics courses.

Her service includes serving as Secretary on the Curriculum Committee, supporting the Catholic Student Group, and sponsoring student research both on and off campus. In her own professional development, she regularly collaborates with other faculty, particularly in the area of science education.

“Dr. Stumpe’s passion for teaching and physics is infectious and has inspired me to seek a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that rule our universe,” says Matthew Jones ’14.

She also contributed a chapter on the Big Bang Theory to Dr. Cliff Cain’s new book, Re-Vision: A New Look at the Conversation between Religion and Science, and she writes computer programs that use mechanical models to mimic fundamental particles in order to understand their interactions.

Dr. Stumpe was awarded tenure by Westminster College in February of 2015.

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