Faculty & Staff – Christopher Halsey

Christopher Halsey, Ph.D., Chemistry

Prof. Halsey was hired for a one-year position in Chemistry last year, and was able to earn the tenure-track position. He spent the year getting a good sense of the value of a small, liberal arts education, and he is eager to share that with his students. As he says, “Students, I hope someday you find the job that pays you to do the stuff you love like I have this past year teaching at Westminster.

Now that I’ll be staying for the long term, I’ve got several plans in the works that requires a lot of help from you, including a spring trip to Guatemala (the photo is from my 2012 trip), environmental monitoring of a nearby lake, chemical demonstrations, and research in the chemistry lab with no shortage of toys/instruments. Unlike the real world, no experience is necessary for these things – just interest. If you have that, stop on by sometime and we’ll talk.”

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