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Barri Bumgarner, Ph.D., Education

As an author and an educator, I have chosen to introduce myself by emulating George Ella Lyons’ “Where I’m From.”

I am from Dr. Seuss, Rudyard Kipling, and Casey at the Bat. I am from big brothers reading to me, and a family of high expectations. I am from The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. I am from parents who told tall tales and our own Bumgarnerisms. I am from playing outside ‘til after dark and being in sports year round. I am from the Chiefs, the Redbirds, and being the only non-Texan in my family. I am from teachers inspiring me to write and fostering dreams. I am from trying to be the next Stephen King, publishing a novel by 40, and a belief that dreams can be goals. I am from parents who inspired a love of learning, and from my decision to do the same for others.

I am from traditional education, diagramming sentences, and seeing the classroom as a platform for change. I am from innovative learning, from expressing ourselves by bleeding passion, and believing in choice. I am from embracing the digital era, from innovation to inspire kids to learn. I am from facilitation, constructivism, and the optimism that teachers can – and do – change the world.

I am from those who can do, by modeling, facilitating, and learning beside their students. I am from learning being fun, from books that excite, from lessons that give goosebumps. I am for the future of education, for a classroom in which children guide learning and teachers are there to help. I am from learning, no matter how it happens best.

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