8 Tips for Succeeding in Online Class

Want to get ahead in your coursework over the upcoming holiday break? Earn 3 credit hours in 3 weeks with Westminster’s Winter on the Web online course offerings.

Below, Westminster Director of Online Teaching Sue Serota offers these tips for success in your online classes:

  • Have a consistent workspace designated for your online course work.
  • Check your Moodle platform every day.
  • Have reliable access to the Internet and computer during the entire length of the three-week course.
  • Read, read and re-read the syllabus!
  • Order your books in advance.
  • The term goes very quickly, so plan and organize in advance. 
  • Have a planner (electric or physical) to keep track of all the due dates.
  • Contact your instructor with any questions. Our instructors give very quick feedback.

Preview available classes and register now. Term dates are December 16, 2015 to January 7, 2016.


What students have to say about taking an online course at Westminster …

“The online professors I had at Westminster were absolutely exceptional with communication and feedback.”

“I would say that my instructors were very accessible and could be reached whenever you needed them.  They sent out regular updates and kept in touch throughout the entire course.”

“It showed me that I can be an independent learner if I need to be.”

“I enjoyed this course immensely for the content … It was extremely interesting and has sparked my mind in many directions, too many to mention.  That to me is the value of any course I take.”

“I felt that I was still able to interact with the other students in my class just as I would have in a regular class because of the discussion posts that we participated in.”

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