Symposium Giveaways: A Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card

Come early and tweet about it!  Check out the ways you can win prizes and giveaways just by attending Symposium events and talking about it on Twitter or Instagram.

Use the Hashtag #WCSymposium, Be Entered to Win up to $50

Who can play?
Westminster College students

How do I win?
Post something onto Twitter or Instagram with the “#WCSymposium” between September 8, 2014 and 8pm on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, and your Twitter or Instagram username will be included in the drawing.

What could you win?
-Two people will win a $50 gift card to Amazon
-Two people will win a $50 gift card to iTunes
-Twelve people will win a Symposium t-shirt or other small Symposium item

When are the drawings?
Winners will be announced at the following times. One $50 gift card will be given away at each drawing along with three other small items.  You must be present to win!

-Just before Plenary A Tuesday morning, 9/16: 9a.m.
-Just before Plenary B Tuesday afternoon, 9/16: 1p.m.
-Just before Plenary C Wednesday morning, 9/17: 9a.m.
-During the Coffeehouse event Wednesday night, 9/17: 8p.m.

*You can only win one prize.

Show Up Early, Get Cool Giveaways

The early bird gets the worm!  Be one of the first students to attend the events below and get earbuds, t-shirts, or sunglasses.

Monday night: Moira Smiley concert
-First 250 students receive earbuds

Tuesday morning, 9 a.m.: Plenary A with Andy Paris
-Sunglasses to first 150 students
-PLUS Symposium t-shirt to first 30 students

Tuesday afternoon, 1 p.m. Plenary session with Sally Stapleton
-Symposium t-shirt to first 30 students

Tuesday night, 7 p.m. Laramie Project reading at Church
-First 20 students get Symposium t-shirt

Wednesday morning, 9 a.m. Plenary with Dale Bell
-Sunglasses to first 150 students
-PLUS Symposium t-shirt to first 30 students

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