MARS Launches at Westminster

Above, Westminster’s inaugural leadership MARS leadership team: Clarisse Leech ’17, Benjamin Davis ’18, Manfredo Flores ’18, Benjamin Davis ’18, and Tyler Oberlag ’16.

On April 20, 2015, the first official Men Against Rape and Sexual Violence (MARS) meeting was held on Westminster’s campus.

What is MARS?

MARS is a student-run organization that focuses on educating men about how they can act to prevent rape and sexual assault. Its creation at Westminster was initiated by Wellness Center Executive Director Dr. Kasi Lacey and taken up by group advisor Dr. Mark Boulton and many students across campus.

MARS takes a stance against rape and sexual violence. In this new organization, men and women work together to create a healthier and safer atmosphere for everyone. It also gathers resources, facilitates dialogues about tough subjects, and educates peers.

MARS Leadership

During the first group meeting, club officers were selected. Westminster College congratulates the following students on obtaining their new offices:

  • Tyler Oberlag ’16 – President
  • Manfredo Flores ’18 – Vice President
  • Benjamin Davis ’18 – Chief Administrative Officer
  • Clarisse Leech ’17 – Treasurer
  • Christopher Campbell ’18 – Media Outreach Officer

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