Students Share 10 Reasons to Attend Westminster

There are hundreds of reasons to come to Westminster, but since we can’t list them all in one post, we decided to give you our top 10.

  1. Close campus community. Everyone is willing to take time out of their day for others, whether it is helping out at a campus event, taking an extra few minutes to review with you for a test, or showing visitors around campus. – Morgan Galbraith ’14, St. Louis, MO
  1. Everyone gets involved – in lots of ways. I truly believe that because I can be a part of Greek life, be a member of Stufo (Student Foundation), and play baseball, I will leave Westminster with the advantage of having a wider set of experiences than that of a student at a larger school. – Alvin “AC” Long ’16, Lee’s Summit, MO
  1. You’ll love learning here. My top reason for coming to Westminster was because I was able to design my major so I can really study what I want.  Also it’s a liberal arts college so I discovered I love subjects that I never knew about before. – Shauntay Larson ’15, Denver, CO
  1. Lots of help. I came to Westminster because of the great teachers that showed a genuine interest in my education and for their open door policy where I can get help outside of the classroom! – Heather Martin ’16, Pleasant Hill, MO
  1. Alumni networking. Awesome. The alums are incredibly supportive in helping the students further their education and providing them with resources to achieve success. – Caroline Ayers ’15, St. Louis, MO
  1. It feels like home. Immediately upon arriving I felt welcome and like I belonged. – Riley Hughes ’16, Eureka, MO
  1. Name-calling, in a good way. I understand why big schools have a huge dropout rate, because their professors don’t even take the time to get to know their students much less know their name. Without my advisor and having encouraging professors and friends my freshman year, I don’t know if I would have made it. – Kate Sanchez ’16, Lake Charles, LA
  1. Unique experiences. We have amazing opportunities (like the cadaver lab) that even students at much larger schools don’t have. – Megan McCaul ’16, Rolla, MO
  1. Global campus = perspective. Being a student at Westminster is better than any other school because it has a diverse student body that allows students to learn from those whose experiences, perspectives and beliefs are different from their own. – Da’Shaun Scott ’16, Florissant, MO
  1. Leaders for good. At Westminster, I have seen a global community come together in the pursuit of personal and collective betterment.  This environment is the perfect mix for me to develop myself into a man of knowledge and character. – Austin Fiegel ’14, Beaver Dam, WI
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