A Global Perspective: Ceilidh Evans ’17

This blog post is part of a series featuring new students on campus, Fall 2013. Click here for more on new leaders on campus. 

Born in Singapore to Westminster College alum Phil Evans,  Ceilidh experienced what it means to be a global citizen. She has spent time in at least seven countries spanning three continents.

Of the countries she’s visited, Ceilidh said Thailand was her favorite. The beauty of the country and the Buddhist temples stand out in her mind:

“I’ve been about 3 times. Each time was around Christmas time. We took trips to temples and learned about Buddhism and we also lounged on the beach. Thailand is absolutely gorgeous.”

Because of her travels, Ceilidh has a passion for increasing diversity at Westminster College.

“I see the diversity,” she said with an excited flip of her hands. “That’s great. I think I would like to see more clubs and organizations about different cultures just to learn more about all the cultures we have on campus,” she continued.

Ceilidh’s global footprint will not end here. She hopes to design homes in Australia.

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